Dear Customers,

We want to thank you for your huge interest to Peter Love Jewelry and due to the high demand,
we had to create a wait list for the new orders (at least for some period of time).

But don’t you worry, it’s very easy:

– Just fill in your information with the form below to join to wait list
– We will contact you personally once is your time to make an order

We would like to offer the best service possible for you; as a reward for your patience, you have a possibility to order any color you want with the wait list.

Thank you for your patience!


Desired product(s):

Wooden Pillars:

Wooden Pillars: Dark BrownWooden Pillars: Dark BlackWooden Pillars: Autumn OrangeWooden Pillars: Spring GreenWooden Pillars: Snowy WhiteWooden Pillars: Dark Red

Wooden Cubes:

Wooden Cubes: Dark BrownWooden Cubes: Dark BlackWooden Cubes: Autumn OrangeWooden Cubes: Spring GreenWooden Cubes: Snowy WhiteWooden Cubes: Dark Red

Wooden Amulets:

Wooden Amulet: Dark BrownWooden Amulet: Dark BlackWooden Amulet: Autumn OrangeWooden Amulet: Spring GreenWooden Amulet: Snowy WhiteWooden Amulet: Dark Red

Wooden Guards:

Wooden Guard: Dark BrownWooden Guard: Dark BlackWooden Guard: Autumn OrangeWooden Guard: Spring GreenWooden Guard: Snowy WhiteWooden Guard: Dark Red

The current work in process number(s):

#15, #16, #17 & #18

Last wait list number granted:


The current wait time (estimated):

1 month(s)

Last updated 3.10.2017